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Hello! I’m Patrick…

I’m an individual who has strived to excel in everything I do and to be the best of the best. I’ve always had a huge competitive streak in me and it has reflected throughout my life. I thrive on Success!

Not only have I thrived in Sport, but in the work environment too. I have always stood above the crowd in sales… and more recently,  in management.

I have always been a no excuses, only results-orientated individual.

And before I fail to mention, I love breaking records, which means only you, the Client, can benefit from this attitude.

My Experience

32 years of sales and marketing experience…

I entered the FMCG industry at the age of 19, as a Dedicated Sales Representative and progressed into a Wholesale Specialist and then into an SMP Owner before moving into a Regional Management role with the third-largest Sales and Merchandising Agency in the Country. Totaling 20 FMCG years of experience.

In between my FMCG sales, merchandising and marketing experience, I was in the Real Estate Industry for 12 years, mostly as a Principal, which included many aspects of  Sales and Marketing.

Totaling my Sales and Marketing experience to 32 years.


Regional Sales and Operations Manager

Meridian National

Region includes Port Elizabeth, Surrounds, Karoo & SWD areas with 3 Divisions, namely: P&G Dedicated, Syndicated (38 Principals) and Woolworths; with 180+ Staff, compiling of Office Administrators,  District Managers, Sales Reps, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Field Marketers and Merchandisers.


Regional Sales and Operations Manager. (Proprietor)

PBSM Western Cape

Region included Cape Peninsula and Cape Country areas with 2 Divisions, namely: Sales & Merchandising (11 Principals) & Outsourced Regional Management (2 Clients)

Staff Compliment included Office Admin, Sales Reps, Field Marketers & Merchandisers.

Sales & Operations Responsibilities included:

Business Management • Client & Customer Relations • Sales Management • Sales Development • Coaching • Strategies • Key Accounts • Sales Targets • Compliancy • Tracking • Analysis • Reporting • P&L • Budgeting • Payroll • Recruiting • Fleet Management


Real Estate Agent | Principal

Real Estate Career

Bougard Properties | Principal Estate Agent (3 Branches)

2001 to 2010 – Built my brand and expanded into 3 areas in the Cape Peninsula

Durr Estates | Principal Estate Agent (Franchisee)

1999 to 2001 – Rebuilt a 3rd biggest Brand in just 3 years

Bougard & Van Varik Property Consultants | Principal Estate Agent

1998 to 1999 – Partnered up with one of the Top Agents in the area and become a threat to Corporate Agencies.

Tulip Homenet | Real Estate Agent

1997 to 1998 – Received my foundation and formal training.

My Clients’ sales soar to new heights. Join the Success!


my Skills

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

~ Albert Einstein.

#SUCCESS can be measured by your achievements and goals reached.

#VALUE is an Asset you possess. It can be measured by the existing relationships one has, the ability to form new ones and to build on both. 

  • Key Accounts Management
  • Sales Development
  • Sales Management
  • Performance Coaching


I have developed and built relationships in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape across all channels including independents over in the 20 years of my FMCG experience. My interpersonal skills and sales techniques are superior to most and they deliver results. My negotiating skills are way beyond most KAM abilities in the industry.


Specialist in New Business and Product development. This aspect of sales to me is always the most thrilling it literally gives me a rush and is the most rewarding emotionally.

I have been selling for over 30 years and I believe that the talent that I have for selling, is God-given one, and any Company employing me will reap the benefits and returns on their investment in me and KAMSAM National. An Asset to any company that employs us.


In the past year, I have received 2 accolades and nominated for another 2 other Annual Client Awards.

Furthermore, the newly appointed COO and now CEO of Meridian National toured SA, soon after he was appointed visiting all regions, and referred to my region as “The Best in the Country” on 23 July 2019.


I was fascinated with Psychology and Human Behaviour as a child and in my late 20’s I developed an interest in Philosophy began to understanding their place in sales and performance. Over the last 20 years, I have developed my newly found talent as a performance coach which I studied, trialed and practiced. 

Coaching people lights a fire in me and I find it hugely rewarding.



IRM Certificate

Industrial Relations Management Certificate

The IRM Certificate is a National Industrial Relations Workshop Certificate presented by Advocate Zak Narain & Associates for skills in the Management of Human Resources in South Africa. 


CRS International Certificate

Certificate Residential Sales (International)

The CRS Certificate is an American Residential Real Estate Certificate for advanced skills and techniques in the marketing and sales of Residential Property. 


CEA Certificate

Certificate Estate Agent (EAAB)

A certification and a legal requirement from the SA Estate Agency Affairs Board for an individual to be able to practice selling Property in South Africa.


MATRIC – National Senior Certificate


I completed my Matric in 1986. I obtained a number of Sporting accolades throughout my school career. My list is too long to include here, however I have included them in my, pdf formated, CV which can be presented upon request.




ASPEN Nutritional – FICAL, 30 June 2019

LINDT Swiss Chocolate –  Annual Awards – February 2020

And nominated for another two Region of the Year Awards.

In addition, the newly appointed COO (Now CEO) of Meridian National toured SA, soon after he was appointed visiting all regions, and referred to my region as “The Best in the Country” on 23 July 2019.

I’ve Worked With

Procter and Gamble
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