About Us

We are an outsourced solution, dealing in Key Accounts & managing Sales & Merchandising Service Providers, from Regional to National levels.

01. Strategic

Planning is everything, think 80/20 Principal.

  • Set sales targets, budgets and objectives.
  • Develop strategy and plan.
  • Execute the plan.

02. Professional

Maintain a standard of professionalism at all times.

  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual reviews and reports.
  • Provide feedback as quickly as possible.

03. Skilled

Our team has developed their skills through exposure and time.

  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Superior Negotiation Skills
  • Customer Intel
  • Profound Market Knowledge

Who Are We?

KAMSAM is an outsourced solution, dealing in Key Accounts and the management of Sales and Merchandising Agents (SMP).

KAMSAM National is an elite team of experienced and skilled “Sales and Key Account Managers” who offer a cost-effective solution to small, medium and large manufacturers and brand owners who supply the FMCG, Pharmacy, Liquor and Hardware industries.

The name KAMSAM is simply an acronym for Key Account Management (KAM) & Sales Agent Management (SAM). KAMSAM offers solutions to Companies who may face recruiting challenges in terms of sourcing, affording and appointing high-level Key Account Managers and Sales Managers in South Africa. Offering existing and prospective Principals Regional, Divisional, Coastal, Inland and National solutions, with offices in the Inland and Coastal sectors of South Africa.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

In October 2020 KAMSAM National was appointed as the Divisional Sales and Key Accounts Managers of our first Client. Since the appointment of KAMSAM National, the results show that KAMSAM National is directly responsible for the outstanding results in the last Quarter, being that had an 86% increase in the monthly average value sales and a 64% contribution growth within the Clients business. January Year on Year (YoY) showed a 158% growth, February 2021  produced a 199% Year on Year (YoY) improvement.

As a result of our performance KAMSAM National has been appointed as their National “Sales & Key Accounts Managers”, effective 1st of March 2021.


Sales Increase


Contribution Increase

Our Team

Patrick Bougard

National Sales & Operations Manager


  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Pharmacy
  • Hardware
  • Liquor

Zakariya Kara

Business Development Manager


  • Strategic Appraisal
  • Research & Insight
  • Business growth & Innovation
  • Optimisation
  • Project Management

PATRICK, a former Regional Sales and Ops Manager in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape for PBSM Western Cape and Meridian National respectively, over 30 years of sales, marketing and management.

Click to view Patrick’s CV HERE

ZAK, a former Finance Team Member at Unilever and Business Development Manager at Meridian National. Totalling 13 years experience in both FMCG manufacturing and service based companies.

Click to view ZAK’s CV HERE

Rorke Shirley

National Sales & Key Accounts Manager


  • FMCG Retail
  • Hardware

Gavin Pretorius

National Sales & Key Accounts Manager


  • FMCG Wholesale
  • Pharmacy

RORKE, a former National Key Account Manager in both the FMCG and Hardware industries with over 14 years of experience as a Key Account Manager.

Click to view Rorke’s CV HERE

GAVIN, a former National Key Accounts Manager and National Sales Manager for Aspen Pharmacare with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and management.

Click to view Gavin’s CV HERE

John Scott

Technical Manager


  • Audit Projects
  • Technical Support




  • Client Services
  • KAM Support
  • Data Analysis

JOHN is our in-house Technical Manager. He is also Technical Director for an NPC, namely Click ‘n Donate Worldwide. He has more than 10 years of experience in web design and online form designing.

Click to view John’s CV HERE

VACANCY, the position is Cape Town based. Please email your CV to info@kamsam.co.za.


What We Do Best


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