Our Team consists of Senior Sales and Management personnel who are highly skilled and talented their fields.

Meet Our Team

Patrick Bougard

National Business Manager


  • Client Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development

gavin pretorius

National Sales Manager


  • KAM Management
  • SAM Management
  • Account Management

PATRICK, a former Regional Sales and Ops Manager in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape for PBSM Western Cape and Meridian National respectively, over 30 years of sales, marketing and management.

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GAVIN, a former National Key Accounts Manager and National Sales Manager for Aspen Pharmacare with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and management.

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Rorke Shir

rorke shirley

Business Data Analyst


  • B2B Reports
  • Site Cover Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Sales Reports
Zakarya Kara

Zakariya Kara

Business Development Manager


  • Strategic Appraisal
  • Research & Insight
  • Business growth & Innovation
  • Optimisation
  • Project Management

RORKE,  comes with experience in the FMCG, Private Label, and Hardware  Industries. His strength is in the ability to extract data, analyze it, and report.

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ZAK, a former Finance Team Member at Unilever and Business Development Manager at Meridian National. Totalling 13 years experience in both FMCG manufacturing and service based companies.

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Gert Venter

gert venter

National Key Account Manager


  • FMCG Retail
  • FMCG Wholesale
Alan Kisbey-Gr

alan kisbey-green

National Key Accounts Manager


  • Pharmacy
  • Forecourts
  • Liquor

GERT, joined us with a wealth of experience…..

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Alan, brings a load of relationships to the ….. 

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National Key Account Manager


  • Hardware
  • Pool Industry
  • PFI


National Key Accounts Manager


  • Private Label

VACANCY, we are seeking a candidate with relationships in the Hardware Industry. If this is you, please email your CV to

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VACANCY, we are seeking a candidate with relationships in the Liquor Industry. If this is you, please email your CV to

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Human Resources & Development


  • HR Advertising
  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Appointments

Talya Pentelbury

Business Development Administrator


  • KAM Support
  • SMP Data Co-Ordinator

VACANCY,  an offer to provide a white label for KAMSAM National and form part of our team of Senior Management. Please forward your CV to 


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TALYA, is our Business Development Administrator who supports our Key Account Managers in an administrative role and communicates with relevant data through to our Principals’ SMP’s.

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John Scott

John Scott

Technical Manager


  • Audit Projects
  • Technical Support
Chris Lamprecht

Chris Lamprecht

Chief Financial Officer


  • Accounting
  • Banking

JOHN is our in Technical Manager. He is also Technical Director for an NPC, namely Click ‘n Donate Worldwide. He has more than 10 years of experience in web design and online form designing.

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CHRIS, our CFO obtained his B.Com Degree (Accounting), at the University of Johannesburg and started his career with Ernst & Young in 1997. In 2000, his focus became Property Finance & Management.

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